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How to Layer for the Mountain - Cardrona x icebreaker

July 7, 2019
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For the ultimate in lightweight warmth, without having to rely on a bulky jacket to do all the work, think about three layers to take you through the day, whatever the weather and terrain. With a skin, mid and outer layer you’ll be able to regulate your body temperature, to stay cool through bursts of activity and warm when you slow down.  


Silky-soft and luxurious, a breathable skin layer will wick moisture away from your body and regulate your temperature. Merino and merino-blend fabrics are naturally odour-resistant and quick-drying.

Handy hint: icebreaker skin layers come in a range of weights. The bigger the number, the warmer you’ll be.


Wrapping your body in comfort, an insulating mid-layer will add a buffer zone for moisture and a shield from the cold. Vests and tops in innovative fabrics such as RealFLEECE® offer natural, lightweight insulation, and pack away easily.


Warm and lightweight, a protective outer layer will provide a barrier from the elements, while still allowing your body to move and breathe freely. A jacket in a technical fabric such as MerinoLOFT™ will provide a warm, breathable and natural alternative to synthetic insulation, with a durable protective finish. 

Combining your layers

Different snow sports call for different layering strategies. For endurance activities, choose technical design elements that combine core insulation with zoned heat-dumping. Or for short bursts of activity in-between cooling down, choose layers in heavier weights that will wick moisture away when you sweat but keep you warm in-between.    

  • Ski touring: Choose pieces that perform during high-exertion adventures and remain comfortable throughout. 
  • Backcountry adventures: Choose layers that keep you cool during the ascent and warm for the descent. 
  • All-wear, all-mountain, all-use: Choose pieces that provide comfort and warmth for a day on and off-piste.

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We're moving to natural with a partnership with iconic Kiwi brand, icebreaker. The team at icebreaker have heaps of great tips to make life in the mountains warmer and are leading the way in sustainability - we're so stoked to be working with them!

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