Our sustainability journey

Ko ahau te Maunga, ko te Maunga ko ahau
I am the mountain, & the mountain is me

At Cardrona and Treble Cone, caring for our people and place is always at the heart of what we do. As kiatiaki of our maunga, we are responsible for nurturing and conserving the special places and truly regenerating them.

After all, it is not about doing less but doing more good.

Our journey so far


Cardrona removed the plastic packaging from pies, saving more than 24,000 plastic packets going to landfill each year.


Plastic straws were removed.


All produce became locally sourced and food waste was sent to farms.


Cardrona Noodle Bar went takeaway free, saving more than 25,000 meal packages being used every year. Captains Cafe installed beer taps saving 10,000 bottles from being used every year.


Cardrona gets a glass crusher and compactor and single use plastic is removed from the mountain.


Cardrona went 100% real crockery and cutlery and began using recyclable paper ice cream tubs. Partnered with suppliers to return uniform to charity for donation and started leasing electric vehicles.


Product pallet wrap were replaced with cargo nets. Beer taps and milk dispensers were installed at the Base Area, saving more than 20,000 plastic bottles and 2,000 milk containers from going to landfill every year.


Plastic bottles were eliminated from both mountains saving 52,000 plastic bottles going to landfill every year. A procurement policy was implemented holding suppliers accountable and a Carbon GHG Emissions Calculator was developed with SAANZ.


Removed landfill bins from both mountains, plastic packaging from fresh produce and implemented a Tupperware return system. Base bar at Cardrona went plant-based and all confectionaries had to have compostable packaging.


A nursery is being build at the base of the mountain, on our land near a water supply at the bottom carpark.


Cardrona removed the plastic packaging from pies, saving more than 24,000 plastic packets per year.

"We focus on seeking suppliers with similar values who are pushing for change. We must plant the seed, tell our story, share, educate, inspire, lead and attract new demographics with unique, sustainable and memorable experiences.”

Russ Mackintosh, Head of F&B, Cardrona & TC

Waste reduction

Our waste reduction has been underway for some years. Recently, we eliminated all public-facing landfill bins, saving countless PET drink bottles, single-use coffee cups and other crockery from landfill.


Greenhouse gas emission measurement

As an industry that relies on cold temps, we know we’re vulnerable to climate change, but also a contributor. We’ve developed a greenhouse gas calculation tool working together with all other New Zealand ski areas.

What projects are we working on

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