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Cardrona What's On: One Final Wintery Blast

October 7, 2022
Eleanor Stephens
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Eleanor Stephens

Winter wanted to give the season a good send-off, so we're heading into the final week after a whopping blizzard. If you check out the full weather report below, you'll see that the cold snap shouldn't stick around, but the great snow (fingers crossed) should.

If you want to avoid ticketing queues during these school holidays, take advantage of our user-friendly ticketing kiosks. If you've purchased tickets and passes online, you can head directly to pick them up from our machines. You'll find them between the ticketing office and rentals.

Don't forget to get prepared for summer with the Hero Pass, in collaboration with our mates at Bike Glendhu. Riding two mountains all summer, with one pass. Learn more about it here.


After a couple of days of closures because of blizzard-like conditions, today we opened to fresh snow and bluebird skies. Today's temps may reach 2 degrees, and this weekend should see highs of 3 with some sun to match. Keep packing your layers and sunscreen, no one wants a goggle tan once the season is over!

Load up the website Snow Report from 6.30am daily to see what conditions are doing each day - we don't have our usual morning Facebook reports but will still be updating the website!


Last weekend saw TC's final day of skiing, and the weather was aaaamazing! Full of fancy dress, dancing and a great atmosphere, it was one for the books.

We'll happily take this train and ride it all the way into summer...


We're hosting the Minipipe World Champs this Sunday 9. If riding halfpipes all day (or watching others do it) is your thing, then come on up. It's a free, fun community event for all ages, with heaps of spot prizes! Find out more here.

The weekend after is the winter closing weekend and you can guarantee we're putting on a show. It's called 'The Fun Never Stops', and it really doesn't, with a ski, snowboard, and mountain bike race from the top to the bottom of the mountain - finishing at the Cardrona Hotel. You can expect the usual pie thrown into the mix, too. Check out more info and hilarious pics from previous years here.

And have a look at the photos snapped from She'll Be Right last weekend. We're so excited to see what comes from their time up the mountain!


The Terrain Parks Crew are super happy about the recent cold snap, it should mean the Parks can stay open for longer than usual! There won't be any more changes to them, The crew will be focused on maintaining them so you can keep at it.


This is your weekly reminder that our food and beverage outlets could look quite different this year, but the food will still be delicious, we promise! From one day to the next, there may be different offerings in each outlet (depending on staffing levels, isolation requirements etc.), so your patience and understanding is really appreciated by us and our team.


Have you seen All In yet? It's our short documentary about women in Snow Sports - you can watch it here:

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